About Us

Institute for Health and life Science has been established with a mission of Educating and Advocating for well being of common man.

Lack of skilled service providers is one of the biggest constraints in India
The country currently needs an additional 6.4 million healthcare resources to serve its population.The condition deteriorates as one moves
from urban to rural areas. About 80 per cent of doctors, 75 per cent of dispensaries and 60 per cent of hospitals are present in urban areas when 72 percent of India’s population lives in rural areas. Non-availability of skilled workforce, Lack of specialists at every level force patients to go for expensive private healthcare.
This also turns out to be the major cause of mortality and morbidity.

Challenges that we intend to Overcome

Availability of competent staff across public and private hospitals.

Insufficient staffing especially at primary level.

Skilled healthcare workforce to work in rural areas.

To fill this current void Institute of Health and life Sciences has joined hands with Tata Institute of Social Science – School of Vocational Education, Mumbai. We are currently offering wide range of degree and diploma programs in the field of para medicals.